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"With 'Doc' Whittles knowledge, skill, competence, creativity and compassion, not to mention his humor and caring, I am stronger than I was years ago. I have restored my ability to balance on one leg, walk heel to toe across the room, and walk without the wobbles. Progression of ataxia has been halted and many of the symptoms have been reversed. I still have work to do. With John Whittles Physical Therapy, I know I can do it. Thanks, 'Doc'."

- Betty Hampton

"Both my teenage daughters, former basketball players at Blair High School, chose to come to Whittles Physical Therapy following knee and ankle injuries, over all of the other Sports Therapists in the Washington Metropolitan area. The trust and confidence that John inspires, as well as the results he achieves, make this a 'no-brainer' decision."

- Ellen Walton Ramsay

"Words cannot express my gratitude to John Whittles for the high quality personal physical therapy care he has provided to me, my family and the many friends I have recommended to him over the past many years. He has enabled us to enjoy life by rehabilitating us from our injuries. No matter what the cause from auto accidents, to workers compensation claims to sports injuries he has shown us how to return to our activities of daily living. Thanks so much."

- Sam Statland

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  • 9801 Georgia Avenue, Suite 333
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